Reviews and Quotes on Ginny Hawker & Tracy Schwarz

"West Virginia's Ginny Hawker must be the finest of today's old-time Appalachian-style singers, her art seeming to spring directly from some deep, ancient well." Elderly Recordings

"...their music called to mind the purity of early country music, before commercialization set in." Chicago Tribune

" ...their harmonies are hair-raising, representative of the finest Appalachian traditional music." Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse

"...If you listen to Tracy Schwarz and Ginny Hawker, you'd think you were listening to a pristine copy of the Smithsonian's field recordings made in the early 20th century." Monterey Country Herald

"...unrestrained power and passion...will make you shiver on a bright sunny day!" SEBA Breakdown

"...the versatile voice of Ginny Hawker with its low, sultry tones...sounds like a honky-tonk torch singer on the slow-dance numbers...gets lowdown and gutsy on the gospel...has mastered the art of the baritone part...the secret to bluegrass singing." Bluegrass Unlimited

"Schwarz is no crooner, but his rough-edged, plaintive voice is very effective on these songs..." Bluegrass Unlimited

"...Schwarz has a reedy mountain voice similar in timbre to Ralph Stanley's and Hawker, a deep nicely controlled vibrato that can also be deeply beautiful and often as clear as a stream." Rambles

"Tracy's singing reminded me of one of those old Baptist preachers lining out a hymn....Ginny sings it with real fire - it hit me right below the cigarettes." Kellie Allen, Lehigh Valley Folk Music Society


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