Examples of innovative chatbots in different sectors

Chatbots are now accompanying companies in the way they interact with their customers. Far from being limited to simple pre-programmed responses, today's innovative chatbots rely on cutting-edge technologies to offer personalised and engaging experiences. In this article, we'll take a look at some examples of innovative chatbots that are changing the standards in various business sectors.

Sephora: a personalised beauty assistant

Sephora, the French cosmetics giant, has developed a chatbot called Sephora Beauty Chat on Facebook Messenger. This chatbot goes far beyond simply answering questions about products. It uses artificial intelligence to analyse customers' preferences and buying habits in order to offer them personalised product recommendations, beauty tutorials and expert advice. Visit the site to find out more.

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This chatbot goes well beyond traditional chatbots by leveraging artificial intelligence to deliver a rich, personalised customer experience. 

  • Conversational interaction: Sephora Beauty Chat engages in a natural language conversation with customers, enabling a fluid and intuitive interaction.
  • Preference analysis: the chatbot analyses past interactions, purchases and customer profile data to understand their beauty preferences.
  • Personalised recommendations: based on the analysis, Sephora Beauty Chat offers personalised recommendations for products, beauty tutorials and expert advice.
  • Product search: the chatbot allows customers to search for products by name, brand or characteristics, making it easier to browse and discover new products.
  • Booking appointments: customers can book appointments for beauty consultations or in-store services directly via the chatbot.
  • Order tracking: Sephora Beauty Chat allows customers to track the status of their orders, receive delivery notifications and manage returns.

Domino's: ordering pizza made easy

Domino's, the international pizza chain, has developed a chatbot called FRED on Facebook Messenger and Twitter. This chatbot enables customers to order their pizza simply and intuitively. They simply type in their order, and FRED takes care of the rest, confirming the order, calculating the price and indicating the delivery time. To use this chatbot : 

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  • access the FRED chatbot;
  • start the order;
  • choose your pizza;
  • enter your delivery address;
  • choose your payment method;
  • confirm your order;
  • track your order 

Using Domino's with FRED is a simple, fast and convenient way to order your favourite pizza. The chatbot offers you a friendly experience and saves you time when ordering.

Mongodb: 24/7 customer support

MongoDB, a NoSQL database platform, uses a chatbot to offer its customers 24/7 technical support. This chatbot, which can be accessed via their website, can answer a wide range of questions, from software installation to solving complex problems. It can also direct customers to relevant online resources or put them in touch with a human agent if necessary.

The chatbot draws on a vast knowledge base including documentation articles, FAQs and solutions to common problems to provide accurate and relevant answers.

It can guide customers through simple or complex troubleshooting steps, providing detailed instructions and screenshots where necessary. If the customer's problem cannot be solved automatically, the chatbot can direct them to a human agent for further assistance.

Duolingo: learning a language while having fun

Duolingo, a popular language learning application, uses a chatbot called Duo to make learning more interactive and engaging. Duo accompanies users throughout their learning journey, offering conversational exercises, personalised encouragement and feedback.

BabyCentre: support for future parents

BabyCentre, a website dedicated to pregnant women and young parents, has set up a chatbot to offer personalised support to its users. This chatbot can answer questions about pregnancy, baby development and infant care. It can also provide personalised advice and information based on the gestational age of the mother and the age of the baby.

These examples illustrate the diversity of applications for innovative chatbots in different sectors. By offering personalised, engaging and accessible experiences, chatbots enable businesses to improve the customer experience, increase operational efficiency and stand out from the competition.


Innovative chatbots are still in their infancy, and their potential is immense. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more sophisticated and intelligent chatbots that will redefine the way we interact with businesses and the world around us.